Transform Using the Narrative Enneagram T.U.N.E.

This past year has given rise to many fears.

Fears we are helpless, trapped, powerless, or dispensable, unworthy, useless, incapable, deficient or depleted *

Most of the time F.E.A.R. is False Evidence Appearing Real.
T.U.N.E. rewires us to see our fears aren’t always true.

Have you ever asked, “Why did I think, feel or do what I did?

T.U.N.E. helps us find words to get a handle on how we tick.
As pennies begin to drop, we wake up, open our eyes and see
Love casts out the FEAR we thought was true!

* These 9 fears relate to the Enneagram Types which is a powerful gateway to self-awareness and understanding others. The Enneagram describes the structure and dynamics of nine personality types, opening a path to a more integrated and rewarding life.

T.U.N.E. stands for Transform Using the Narrative Enneagram.

Alan Hodgetts

Alan is a Certified Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition
He ran Enneagram courses in 2018 for over 50 people in prison.
The feedback from the students continues to be his motivation:

· Insightful · Informative · Helpful · Beneficial · Good · Educational · Useful · Excellent · Helped me to be more self-aware · It realized the truer me! · I now know how I tick · £*$%# Amazing · It should be part of everyone’s Sentence Plan ·

Feedback from a Company Team:

  • Insightful, given me a new perspective when working with my team.

  • Uses creative ways to help you understand how yourself and others tick.

  • Really helpful in increasing my own self-awareness as well as having more understanding and empathy for others' differences.

  • So valuable in understanding what makes us and each other tick, and for building safety and awareness within our team.

  • Has really helped with my own self-awareness and also understanding how others in the team are wired differently

  • Alan's sessions have really helped me to realise my pitfalls and working out a ways of being a better version of myself

  • Helped me settle into my new workplace with a calm focus. Very helpful to tap into the best skills of each other in the team.

Transformation is best
with a Little Help from My Friends

T.U.N.E. is intended to offer real support for our Inner Work.

  • TUNE acknowledges, the more we support one another, the easier our process of transformation

  • With TUNE we join with others who give encouragement and act as witnesses to our growth

  • With TUNE we can belong to groups, attend workshops, get one-to-one support

  • With TUNE we can put ourselves in situations that foster our real development

  • Listen to a Podcast with Alan

When life is out of tune

I think most of our lives felt out of tune during the 2020 and 2021 COVID19 Pandemic. I am developing TUNE to give us a new vocabulary to help us RETUNE our lives.

The Beatles song ‘Help from my friends’ is a way of understanding TUNE & how we Transform Using the Narrative Enneagram .

From childhood our personal song grew until we began to sing out of TUNE because of the challenges and chances of this fleeting world. We forgot the melody we were born with.

TUNE is a guide to help us ‘Re-Member’ our life’s melody with new lyrics - new words! Like the best songs, we enjoy them with our friends who sing a different but equally wonderful song of freedom.

We long to fly and all we need to ‘get by’ and ‘get high!’ is ‘a little help from our friends’. TUNE helps us release our potential from the invisible hand of our Type Structure.

I look forward to exploring our unique Life’s Melody together as we ‘try not to sing out of key’ with TUNE and learn to fly. Alan

To see ourselves as others see us

Sounds scary - Right? Wrong!
These words by Robert Burns
are, in fact, a guide to wholeness

The Enneagram …

  • Is a 9 Pointed diagram (Like an Octagram has 8 points).

  • Is a way to understand our actions, thoughts and feelings.

  • Gives us a new vocabulary to explain ourselves.

  • Is an insight into how we box ourselves up.

  • Is a Liberation Psychology or ‘Inside Job’ to unlock potential

  • Helps us see what is written on the window we look through.

  • Is a path to wholeness.

  • Is a way to relieve our self-inflicted distress.

The Enneagram …

  • Is not a religious symbol.

  • Does not box us up (we do that ourselves!)

  • Is not a Hogwarts style Sorting Hat.

  • Is not a party game to ‘nail’ our personality with a number.

  • Is not a way of helping others to stitch us up.

The T.U.N.E. Course

The T.U.N.E. Course will help understand what gets in the way of our openness to that which is greater than ourselves. It runs over approximately 8 sessions and by its journey’s end you will know your unique Tune and the key that is best for you. In life we find there are many restrictions in our life, and T.U.N.E. helps us understand these pinch points are caused by the evolved structure of our Type patterns. We then learn how to relax and open up to the Life Force and begin to fly again - like we used in our childhood.

The T.U.N.E. Community

Whether our community is a work-based team or a fellowship - the Enneagram helps us to recognise what is written on one of the nine windows we look through. Whatever team we work in - the Enneagram helps a team to develop self-awareness, compassion for each other and increased productivity. The T.U.N.E. Community is for people who have already begun their journey and know their Tune quite well.

Spiritual Direction & T.U.N.E.

Enneagram Informed Spiritual Direction is a ministry that can help open the ears and eyes of the heart. This is a particular ministry I have exercised for years, inspired by the Ignatian and Benedictine traditions and now the Enneagram

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