The T.U.N.E. Course

An 8 week programme helping us on our journey to liberate the Life Force latent within us.

We journey through an exploration of our Thoughts, Feelings and Sensations and discover we all have our very own Pole Star by which to navigate through life.

The course gives us a new vocabulary to understand why we do what we do the way we do and how to put ourselves in the driving seat to change.

The T.U.N.E. Course - Release the Life Force

The release of a ringed bird from the hand reminds us how our soul is often trapped and longing to be free. Its as if we are being held by invisible hands.

If there is one thing we all have in common it is suffering and this is mostly caused by the grip of what we call our Type Structure.

The hands of the person releasing the bird symbolise the kind of grip our spirit is held in by the ego or false self. It may not be a tight grip and it may have kept us safe ‘thus far’ but we are nevertheless held and prevented from experiencing the flow of freedom. Our false self is scared to let us fly but we discover how we can soothe its grip and trust all will be well.

By learning our Enneagram Type Structure and how the familiar patterns hold us firmly in their grip, is the first stage towards ultimately spreading our wings and move towards our potential.

Helen Palmer refers to this process as the ‘Vice to Virtue Conversion.’ So, we learn a new vocabulary with T.U.N.E. to explain our life afresh.

Vice to Virtue Conversion

On the left of the balance there are the ‘Vices’ that hold us in their trip. On the right of the balance there are the Virtues that are liberated when we learn to ‘let go!’

We are Three Brained

We each have a heart, mind and body - that’s what makes us human. However, did you know that each of these centres has neurons and its own intelligence?

In the T.U.N.E. course we learn our intelligence is not just in our skull. Our Intrinsic Nervous System involves the neurons of the brain, heart and gut and we have a high efficiency in one particular centre.

The Enneagram helps us to find our home base and how we can relieve the suffering our centre can create when running on automatic.

The renowned Interpersonal Neurobiologist, Dr. Dan Siegel confirms this 3 brained or three intelligence idea. He recently said “I have asked thousands of people if, when they think back to their childhood days for example, they have a tendency to either and 90% have said they either

  1. go towards fear or anticipatory anxiety (Thought or Mind Focused people) or

  2. go towards anger (Sensation or Body Focused people) or

  3. go towards sadness or distress at being separated (Feeling or Heart Focused people)


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