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The more real support we have for our Inner Work, the easier our process of transformation will be. We can seek out others who give encouragement and act as witnesses for our growth. We can belong to groups, attend workshops, and put ourselves in situations that foster oru real development. T.U.N.

The Narrative Enneagram tradition teaches that ‘WE’ are the Wisdom of the Enneagram. We learn from each other’s stories and discover that, guess what, we all see the world differently. We discover together what’s written on the 9 windows we look through.

We then learn compassion for each other and begin growing towards our Potential.

The Narrative Tradition

You can find out more about The Narrative Tradition here. 'That’s me in the middle in the pale blue shirt at the home of the Narrative, at Valambrosa in California.

The Heart Centre - 2,3,4

I identify as a Type 4 - Romantic - on the Enneagram. My Passion is ‘Envy’; My Virtue is ‘Equanimity.’ Learn more about Heart Types in our community.

The Thought Centre 5,6,7

The ‘Mind’ centred person sees the world in its minutiae. Learn more about Thought Types in our community.

The Gut Centre 8,9,1

The gut centred person is a force of power in our world seeing things in black and white, right and wrong.


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