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Enneagram Informed Spiritual Direction

My Principles

My underlying principle is governed by an understanding that everything we do under God is a spiritual exercise and that as his children He adopts, adapts and improves us by His Grace. My role is to guide the prayerful process.

My ministry is informed by Ignatian, Benedictine and contemplative spirituality and more recently by the Enneagram. These strands ‘inform’ but don’t govern my ministry,

As a rule I meet with my directees on a frequency governed by them and try to be a gentle guide to the movements of the Lord in their lives. Each session is for around an hour. I would recommend no less frequent than once every two months and no more frequent than monthly.

For stipendiary clergy I don’t have a fee otherwise I invite a contribution of around £20. If I was to direct someone through the Spiritual Exercises because we would need to meet more frequently a suitable fee would need to be discussed due to the level of commitment and preparation.

I am used to meet people for direction on Zoom and it’s a platform that seems to work well. I have been ordained for almost 40 years – having served two curacies, two incumbencies and a prison chaplaincy. I am married to Sue and have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. I try to meet on a Monday or Thursday but that’s not set in stone.

A preliminary online meeting is recommended – there is no fee for an initial session.

Oh, the comfort,
the inexpressible comfort
of feeling safe with a person;
having neither to weigh thoughts
nor measure words,
but to pour them all out,
just as they are,
chaff and grain together,
knowing that a faithful hand
will take and sift them,
keep what is worth keeping,
and then,
with a breath of kindness,
blow the rest away.
- George Eliot

Listen to a Podcast

Listen to my interview with perhaps my best friend in the US - Jeff King - who says “Alan Hodgetts leads us in a deep dive into the wisdom of the Enneagram as it leads to spiritual growth.”


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